7th. Venture Capital Summit

7th. Venture Capital Summit

22nd. September, 2020.

Hungary’s premier Venture Capital conference

Topics: Unicornirns or lemmings, Smart money, Corporate Venture Capital, Venture Capital vs Private Equity, Exposing the routes to exit and much more. Well-known international companies and the entire spectrum of major Hungarian VC funds in the program.



Profit, efficiency, development – the best experts of the financial sector join their forces at a single conference to welcome the representatives of this area at the only independent professional summit during the spring months. On May 2019 we organized the 6th. Venture Capital Summit conference with an outstanding success. We had 130 investor attendees, joined by some startup entrepreneurs. 

Keynote speakers




  • You would like to expand your network in the venture capital business
  • Your business is already growing, and you would like to run it more efficiently, with a higher profit
  • You need an investor
  • You would like to expand and strengthen your long-term business network



INSPIRED. Our speakers are leading real business transformation, driving change across the enterprise and actioning measurable innovation for their businesses. Get motivated from leaders and walk away with new ideas you can implement.

CHALLENGED. Rethink your current processes and business blueprints, the event speakers will challenge your way of thinking and allow you to realise that new methods may be your best way of moving forward sitting alongside your current beliefs.

TRANSFORMED. The conference agenda and speakers are put together as such to reveal insights into how some of the biggest organisations are going about investing, from real business use cases to success stories and where the challenges may lie.



NETWORKING. It's an invaluable part of events and where real value often presents itself, meeting those who are facing the same challenges and coming together to solve similar issues. Our agendas feature numerous opportunities throughout the day to meet like minded folk from various industries and backgrounds. We have previously had extremely positive feedback from delegates who have found long lasted business relationships with those who they wouldn't normally meet from opposite industries and largely seeking out the same solutions to industry wide transformation sticking points.


Experts of banks, fund managing companies, and investment companies in Hungary – Executives, CEO’s and other senior management of financial institutions – Managing directors – Directors or strategy – Senior investment managers – Venture Capital executives and senior managers – Private Equity executives and senior managers – Startups before or during investment – State-owned financial companies, ministries – Insurance companies – Law firms – Consulting firms

Dress code: business formal

Organisers: Onlinemarketing.hu Ltd., Rita Molnar, Péter Szakál


08.10 - 09.05 Registration, breakfast, networking
09.05 - 09.10 Opening - Rita Molnár (founder, Venture Capital Summit)
09.10 - 09.30 Relationship brokers - The world of investment works across relationship systems.  Wherever such relationship networks gain in importance, sooner or later appear agents, middlemen, and relationship brokers. Who deserves what for assisting with an investment, what service is worth paying for and what is not?  The grey zone of deal flow or simple agent activity? Food for thought on what impact relationship brokers have on the long-term performance of investments. - Péter Kádas, MD (7 Digits Growth Marketing Agency) 
09.30 - 10.00

How to attract growth investors outside the big VC hubs - The presentation will talk about relevant (esp. SaaS) metrics and other factors to achieve at a given stage in order to attract relevant international investors also outside the big VC hubs. What to expect from these investors and general trends in the VC ecosystem will be further discussed in detail. - Michael Rager (DTCP, Germany) - Skype presentation

10.00 - 10.20  How operative should a VC be when managing portfolio companies? - Gergely Szűcs, Ph.D. (Cashline Holding) 
10.20 - 10.40 Coffee break, networking
10.40 - 11.15  ‘Smart money’ is capital, know-how, and experience in a single package, i.e. an all-round service on the capital market, offering professional support (management know-how, international relations, organizational development, etc.) for mature companies to reach and/or grow on international markets. What does ‘smart money’ entail? What companies may need it? How and under what terms can you obtain it on the Hungarian market?- Ábel Galácz (Lead Ventures), Lajos Horváth (Eximbank) zoom, Gábor Rudas (Carion Befektetési Alapkezelő), Moderator: József Bulcsú Fenyvesi LL.M. (Oppenheim)
11.17 - 11.37 „With or without it?” Operating venture capitals from the co-operation of public & private sectors. Is there a justification of the public and private sectors’s merger in the course of a venture capital? Competitor or partner?  What is the ideal co-investor for the state-owned MFB Invest Ltd? Introduction of successful co-investment projects. - Csaba Bugár (MFB Invest)
11.39 - 11.59 Evolution of market-based solutions of venture capital: to what extent government intervention is beneficial to the market? - Péter Oszkó (Oxo Ventures)
12.01 - 12.21 Why is Venture Capital important for a Hungarian banking group and what are the experiences? -  Zoltán Bánfi, (MKB Bank)
12.21 - 13.15 Lunch, networking
13.17 - 14.00 Investing in startups or private equity: which one offers more opportunities and more return? What would you suggest to someone who is loaded with money and would start investing today? Should he go into private equity or venture capital? What industries or what type of companies should he invest in? - Ferenc Karvalits (Wallis) and László Wolf (OTP Bank), Conversation partner: Pál Szabó (Bird & Bird)
14.00 - 14.40 Exposing the routes to exit: when should a VC consider taking a company public? How many venture-backed companies are going public? Evaluating the multiple exit routes in the mid market: trade sales, secondary & IPO activity & maximising value whatever your route to realisation - Zsolt Katona (Solus Capital), István Máté-Tóth (BÉT), Péter Oszkó (Oxo Holding), Moderator: Barnabás Málnay
14.40 - 15.00 Coffee break, networking
15.00 - 15.20 Startup Hungary region - Csongor Biás (Startup Hungary)
15.20 - 15.55 Unicorns or lemmings: How to know which investments will take off. How does a VC spot a winner out of a wide range of options? At what point in the investment cycle does a VC know whether company is going to be top performer or a flop? Is there a herd of unicorns in the market which are contributing to market overvaluations? - Iván Halász (Finext Startup) (zoom), Elemér Eszter (HVCA), Julia Sohajda (Vespucci Partners) Moderator: András Molnár (Portfolion)
15.57 - 16.33 Startup roundtable - Pál Bogár, Ph.D. (Sincroll), Máté Molnár (DoBox), Dávid Salamon (CloudStorm) (zoom), Moderator: Gergely Szalóki (Schoenherr Hungary) (zoom)



Bánfi Zoltán PHD

Bánfi Zoltán Phd
igazgatóság elnöke, Solus Capital Kockázati Tőkealap-kezelő Zrt.
MKB Bank Nyrt. elnök-vezérigazgatói főtanácsadó

Biás Csongor

Csongor Biás
Managing Director
Startup Hungary

Bogár Pál, Ph.D

Pál Bogár Ph.D.

Eszter Elemér

Elemér Eszter

Fehérvári Dávid

dr József Bulcsú Fenyvesi

Galácz Ábel

Ábel Galácz
Lead Ventures

Halász Iván

Iván Halász
Finext Startup

Horváth Lajos

Lajos Horváth
deputy director
Befektetés és vagyonkezelés, Eximbank Zrt.

Dr Péter Kádas

Dr Péter Kádas
Traction Tribe - Blogger, Startupdate.hu

Karvalits Ferenc

Karvalits Ferenc
Wallis Asset Management Zrt.

Zsolt Katona

Zsolt Katona
Solus Capital zrt.

Molnár András

András Molnár

Molnár Máté

Máté Molnár

Málnay Barnabás

Málnay Barnabás
partner, cofounder
Smartware.Tech & WS

Máté-Tóth István

Máté-Tóth Istváns
Deputy CEO
Budapest Stock Exchange

dr. Oszkó Péter

dr. Oszkó Péter
OXO Group

Rudas Gábor

Rudas Gábor
CV alapkezelő

Salamon Dávid

Dávid Salamon
CEO & Co-founder

Sohajda Júlia

Júlia Sohajda
founder, managing partner
Vespucci Partners

dr. Szabó Pál

dr. Szabó Pál
Bird & Bird

dr. Szalóki Gergely

dr Gergely Szalóki
Schoenherr Hungary

Szűcs Gergely

dr. Szűcs Gergely
Valor Venture Capital Fund

Wolf László

Wolf László
Deputy of CEO