István Sárhegyi, Dr.

István Sárhegyi, Dr.


He is an entrepreneur, investor and consultant with a degree in economics and law, and is involved in several related industries, especially in the space industry. In addition to his work in the space industry, he also works professionally in the field of ICT and other related sectors.

As an alumnus of the Space Studies Program of the International Space University, he started his professional work in order to build the ecosystem of the Hungarian space industry. Together with the stock listed 4iG Plc. and the state-owned Antenna Hungária, he established CarpathiaSat Zrt., in which István Sárhegyi holds a share through the company of New Space Industries Zrt. and is the Vice Chairman of the Board. CarpathiaSat's goal is for Hungary to have a geostationary satellite by 2024, as one of the cornerstones of the critical infrastructure of the 21st century. New Space Indsutries Zrt. contributes to this and other projects with its domestic and international professional network and the provision of know-how.

He is the largest owner of a space-tech company, Remred Ltd. Remred is also a joint venture with the state Energy Science Research Centre. The goal of Remred is to develop, test and apply technologies, methods and software for space applications, primarily for the research of space weather and cosmic radiation, for domestic and international industrial users.

In addition to the above, István Sárhegyi established Herius Capital investment fund, which primary purpose is to manage the Herius-1 private equity fund. The private equity fund was set up by investors to make regional investments in the aerospace industry in companies that are already in a mature stage or even have a proven strong supplier role in related industries (e.g., automotive, nuclear, electronics, etc.).

In addition to the above investments, István Sárhegyi is the advisor to the President and CEO of 4iG Plc. and a member of the executive board of Hungaro Digitel Ltd., a 4iG holding company dealing with VSAT communication.

He teaches international space law at the University of Pécs and is a member of several social organizations (e.g., FIVOSZ, AURUM law club) and its founder (e.g., SpaceBuzz Foundation).

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